And yet another adventure


Hello and welcome to the first post of my blog! I recently took this picture through the window of a lighthouse and I thought it would be a great representation of what this blog may be like.

Just like in this image where I am looking through a window, this blog will act as a window that you look into to see my thoughts as a photographer in regards to the photos I take. So this image is not only a metaphor, but also an inception. *claps for oneself*

I hope you enjoy my blog and appreciate the way I see my photography. There is more to a photo than what is seen. Yes, there are the camera settings and a chosen lens, but there are less technical components to my work such as what makes things appealing and beautiful through my eyes.

I take a variety of photos, spanning from scenery to surreal, and use photoshop to crop or add slight effects. If I have a vision, I occasionally will photo manipulate to convey a stronger message, but overall, my shots will always be accurate in representing what I see through the viewfinder of my camera.

Thank you for finding my site and come again! (If you don’t mistake that comment for a McDonald’s drive thru window)


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