A Walk in the University Garden

I walked through the garden and took these pictures. I’ve taken hundreds on separate occasions at the same location, but the pictures always seem to be so different.


Truthfully this image did not turn out the way I was hoping, but nevertheless I still enjoy it. To the best of my luck, there were no bugs roaming. If there were, I might have jumped and trust me, this photo would definitely turn out even more different and probably in an unpleasant way.


Heres a cute little flower in the garden. I don’t know much to say about it. I like the simplicity of it, but then again I might have hoped for another flower or two of the same breed in the background to mix up the composition.


I truthfully enjoy this photo quite a bit. The flowers help cut up the composition into parts and I always love playing with focus. Let’s be real; the pedal- less flowers towards the left look slightly awkward. Let’s pretend they don’t.


This photo seems out of place in the midst of the brightness of the others, but I think that is what makes this shot so special. The flower itself is isolated and drooping. It’s still alive, but veiny and fragile. I thought this flower was beautiful and would give the impression I am looking for. Did I succeed?


Yes, bunny. I would have picked them up if they didn’t hop with every movement I made. I took pictures of this little bunny, because bunny. I like this picture, because bunny. Bunny.


Just another casual flower picture. I really like to experiment with angles and this was a result of that curiosity. When I look at it, I think of “A Bug’s Life”.


I captured this image of one of my best friends, Kelly. She shares a lot in common with me, including that she doesn’t prefer being in images, but I really love this one of her so I cannot resist. What better way to shoot photos than with friends? Chasing the bunny together, taking shots of each other through the leaves (not posted.. #sorrynotsorry).. love you Kelly!

My humor is at a low. This was a successful trip, yet I still feel like the stress of these past couple weeks has drained the creativity right out of me. Until next time.

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