Colors of Vermont

I took a relaxing trip to Vermont for Columbus Day weekend. I have considered this state more of my home than anywhere else, because my soul is alive and active there, while nearly ripped from my humanity everywhere else.

Most of these images have been taken while I am on the go. The trees were more colorful than I ever recall noticing in the past and these photos as a whole include this quality.



I stopped at a farm on the way home and got some pretty nice shots.

The first image is of the barn and in all reality, it looked like it could have been a painting.

The next two are of a sheep and a couple cows. The sheep originally looked better with his head up, but unfortunately he wasn’t feeling having a random girl taking a photo of him. That sheep was definitely thinking “No, not today”as he put his head down immediately before I captured the shot. Nevertheless, the sheep ended up having a nice color contrast with the grass and was cute!

These cows were definitely close. I’m thinking they must be mother and calf. The mother was nurturing the little one with constant attention and nudging, like captured above, and it was adorable.. too adorable to miss taking an image of! I was almost hoping that one would do something funny after being so cute, like sticking a tongue out or something.


I’m currently exhausted typing this. I can say I love these photos, but I can also say that I am almost too tired to write right now.


The pictures above of the pine trees, I ironically took over my sister and through the window. It was a challenge to take these photos, but in the end, it was more than worth it.


The tree tops look fluffy and I sorta wish I could lay on top of them.


The picture above is one I really am proud of. I love how the mountains fold over one another.


To be honest, I took the image above, standing on our deck.


This is the first picture I took among the others posted, but it is a nice ending to the series above. This is the road I took on my way home from the trip and it was sad for me to go, considering I have never seen it so beautiful up there, but I’m happy I got the shots I did.

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