My first visit to South Mountain Reservation

I went on a trip with possibly the coolest club on campus, Photography Club (not just saying that to flatter my club, but it is pretty darn great). My camera died after 20 minutes, but we were probably wandering for 4 hours or so. My legs are numb; this just goes to show how unhealthy I am.

In regards to the photo below, I will say that I always love to see when leaves overlap with one another and cast shadows onto each other. It reminds me when my grade school teachers would use a light projector for different colored shapes to accomplish some mathematical purpose or something. I also appreciate how this photo looks nice in black and white too.


I have this thing with reflections. I’m not completely sure what it is, but I love them, in an unhealthy way probably. Yay for having too many photography-related obsessions. The two images below share the commonality of having water reflections.


The reflections image below looks like it belongs in Stranger Things for my opinion. It might be the fact that the image includes a double-effect, sort of like two dimensions, or the cooler color scheme. Maybe I’m making up excuses to think about that show.. who knows. Jonathan Byers said about photography, “Sometimes, people don’t really say what they’re really thinking. But you capture the right moment… it says more.” That might not relate to this photo, but I pretty much think about that nonstop when I take my photos. The moments captured are one of a kind. No image will be exactly the same and truthfully, all photos say so much to me. They are so alive to me.


The photos below are of the same little bunch of flowers. This is where my camera died. I adore little flowers, especially wild flowers and these were too cute not to capture.


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