Light/Dark Photo Club Session

If you did not know, I am President of Seton Hall’s Photography Club. These are some photos I took from last night’s session.

The image below is of our lamp’s bulb. The color is natural, not photoshopped. Why purple you ask? We got some colored lens filters and this one made the images tinted purple. I really like the way this turned out; the purple makes the light seem to glow with more contrast.


I love candy.. too much really. Plus it’s halloween time, so it isn’t super out of place for me to takes pictures of it. I pretty much just eat candy and sweets. It’s so bad, but so great. Fun fact: I do not like pink starbursts. I was begging other students to take them off of my hands after the meeting.

You may notice that the shadows here are interesting looking. I call that the power of natural special effects or in this case, just paper cutouts blocking the light. I saw something similar on Pinterest and I gotta say I am pretty satisfied with the way it all turned out.


That’s Keyonah, Photo Club’s Treasurer. Her puffs of hair are the cutest ever so taking a picture of her silhouette was bound to turn out this lovely. She was in the middle of taking a picture of the lights and I was taking a picture of her taking a picture so this is basically an inception, despite not looking like it from the angle the shot was taken. The colors are coming from sticky notes on the lamp. I disagree with anyone who ever said it is difficult to take photos on a low budget. Here you have it.


Danny, our Vice President, was a doll and brought this plasma ball. Now, that’s pretty cool looking. No photo would have turned out the same with this, because there was so much movement of light within the glass ball.


Oh hey look, it’s Danny. The shadow effect is here as well and definitely makes this photo more effective.


Just a spilling glass of water: one in the dark and the other showing how this scene looked with my friend’s flash on. The flash, although an accident, made this photo so much better, because it added additional shadows that overlapped with the already existing ones.


More candy, because why not?


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