Train Commute

I slept, ate food, and watched Netflix over my Thanksgiving break so I didn’t take much for photos until the very end (emphasis on VERY), which turned out to be the train ride back to the city.

On my commute back to school yesterday, the MetroNorth southbound train from New Haven, CT to Grand Central Station in NYC, I was either taking photos or failing at making my bullet journal look cute. I was sitting backwards, trying to make the best shooting through the dirty glass window.

I don’t have too much to say about the photo below. It was a really cloudy day and the dullness of the colors in these photos reflect that, which isn’t too much of a bad thing. I’m truly surprised the photo below wasn’t more blurry. It was interesting to play with my camera settings to go with the fact that I was on a moving train.


The photo below is a tad blurry, but I love the way the composition looks. One thing I find strange about this photo is that there’s a grey line in the left corner. That is not photoshopped, but it looks like it is and therefore out of place. The mixed colors of dull orange/yellow, and green in the leaves is pretty, but not overwhelming. The background is nearly a greyscale so it helps the foreground stand out.


The two photos below turned out decently. I took them because I thought the red buildings contrasted the blue water beautifully. In case you were wondering, I doubt the bridge in the images will ever be finished and crossable. The area looked broken down a bit. There was graffiti in place of machines for construction.



These same chairs were almost at every train stop, but this one was the only one where they reflected pretty shadows onto the ground. I made this photo black and white to help emphasize the shapes in the shadows.


I just took the picture below to take it, but it turned out much better than I expected. The soft reflections and depth in the water really add to this photo’s appeal.


Lastly, the photo below was just another taken out of the window. I felt like the foreground mixed with the background too much in terms of color so I just made it black and white.


After this photo, I took less photos, because some random lady sat next to me on the train and seemed to be working on something important on her computer. I did not want to bother her too much with the constant clicks of my camera’s shutter.

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