Hello December

Hello. Long time no post eh? (For those of you who don’t notice, that’s sarcasm since I posted yesterday. It’s December 1st! That means finals are coming and so is Christmas. It reminds me not only about how much studying and work I have to finish before the semester ends, but also that I have so much to buy for the holidays. In celebration of the new month, I watch Season 9 Episode 4 of Seinfeld, “The Strike”. Why do you ask? Because it’s FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US! If you don’t understand, I may be judging you.

Getting on to the photography, I went out between classes into town to take some shots since it was too nice of a day to miss. Unfortunately, I am not too satisfied with how most of them turned out. Alas! I must move forward.

The images below does not at all remind me of what December should be looking like. These flowers may or may not have been in a pot, but with how chilly and windy it is outside, I definitely would not have expected them to be so bright and in bloom. Some of them turned out blurry, which is unfortunate, but it was so windy that I didn’t want to expose my hands more and change my settings more than I needed to.




I was just walking down the street and the leaves on these bushes looked pretty cool. It was sad, because there was a lot of trash stuffed underneath; people should really clean up after themselves more. Nevertheless, I still considered this pretty enough to take an image of. I really like how the petals were all painted with blends of different colors.


Here’s a picture of the street. It just makes me think of the word “silent” even though there’s cars driving on the street.


This one below is similar to the one above, but it’s further down the street and there’s a man in the distance also walking of the sidewalk. I don’t have much that is different to say.


A mud puddle in black and white. The bottom-most puddle looks like liquid silver or even gasoline to me. I made this in black and white, because it was too brown looking (because dirt) otherwise.


I liked the puddle below because it reflected the trees nicely. I captured this one at the right time, because the wind made ripples in the water and therefore, the trees’ reflections were distorted.


The image below is the most “December”-y of all that I took, which is why I ended up making it the featured image for this post. I decided to make it black and white, because it was a silhouette anyways and it just looks better that way, where the background is less distracting.


The photo below turned out to be a speck blurry because of the wind, but the little flowers were too cute to not post.


I thought these leaves looked really pretty against the stone in the building in the background, which is what led me to capture it. I’ve walked passed the building and tree quite a few times, but never perceived it as so beautiful before. I guess that goes to show all the beauty we overlook every day.


This was a quick post, but keep in mind these images were also taken over a span of 20 minutes, while I usually shoot with a couple hours at least.

If you have any questions, requests of photos you want to see me take, or comments on what I’ve said or about my photography, there’s a box below this post where you can write your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

I’m out. -Laura

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