Deserted Village, Watchung Reservation

On Friday, December 9th (yes, not today. I have had a life believe it or not and haven’t had the time to post before now aka nearly 3 days later at 3 AM), I traveled with the one and only Photography Club, my partners in crime and quite literally this time, to Watching Reservation’s Deserted Village. We traveled briefly to the lake, but considering the largest chunk of my images below is from the Deserted Village, I’m labeling them all as the same.

Just as a brief overview of what’s been going on with me, I’ve been every form of hot mess without actually looking like it from what I can tell. Bonus points for me. I not only sleep minimally with all of the work I have to do, but I spent most of my Friday (the 9th) outside: during this shoot in the morning and with another responsibility at approximately 2-4 AM the next morning. I’m either an overachiever or just straight out insane. I was so cold when I came back to my room, that I fell asleep with my contacts in and scratched my cornea.. Imagine me saying the most sarcastic “yay” ever. My eye may be tearing up from typing this post. No big deal.

Although my life proceeds to consist of me proving my hot mess-ness, I continue taking photos like any other week. Thank you to Photo Club for giving me excuses to try.

You might be able to tell, but it was not particularly a bright day. Very cloudy. You also might notice that although at the abandoned village, I still stuck to taking lots of nature photography. On the bright side, I threw a couple portraits in here to mix up the variety of photos here for your interest.

The image below is of a little pathway breaking off the trail I am walking on with the group. I have this thing for trails; passageways always tell a story to me, symbolic of one place and another.


Below is a twisty log, hollow with lots of holes. Part of me was hoping an animal was hiding inside one of these holes. Part of me was also wondering how such a weirdly shaped tree could have stood at one point. I guess I can say I understand why it fell.


Caitlyn probably stood in that position for a good 5 minutes with all club members taking photos of her. She’s completely photogenic, which is great for me! Plus, that hat was pretty nice and sums up the picture well. Positive Vibes.


The flower below decided to do this thing where it dies. The branch visually reminds me of a rusted pipe. I enjoyed this composition and as weird as it is, dying plants are quite beautiful to me.


The image below is straight forward: thorns and bokeh.


These leaves stood out to me when I was taking photos. The light behind them really lit them up, therefore setting them apart from the rest of the view.


The shot below is another of Caitlyn. I’m pretty sure she had no idea I took this photo. I hope this does not qualify me as a major creep. It’s not like I took these shots from an extreme distance (*Cough cough*, Jonathan Byers, even though I love him).


Just a pretty plain looking shot. I like it a lot and I wish I could tell you why. Maybe the focus on the tiny branches? Maybe the sense of symmetry? The colors? No clue.


I took the video below in one of the abandoned houses. It is pretty dark, but it probably would not have been wise for me to use flash, considering the house was from the 1800s and falling apart in every shape and form. If you can see, the house looks pretty cool. The photos after this one are also in or abandoned-house themed.

This fence below is from the outside of the house. It is on the deck of the house. It was falling apart, but made for a pretty nice photo.


Yes, I did say falling apart. I’m glad Mark nor Danny or anyone else on the trip for that matter was injured in the process of climbing onto this unsteady deck. This looks like it could be a pretty cool-looking album cover.


Just a couple images of this corner of the deck overlooking a mini cliff in the woods.



I took many versions of the image below, but this one was my favorite. I liked the way the white in the flower contrasted the darker colors in the tree trunk.


Danny proceeded to run down the cliff. I zoomed in completely with my zoom lens and usually that would do the trick, but he was just too far away for it to get any closer than this. I thought this photo turned out pretty well. It looks pretty cool how Danny is out of focus with the tree branches in-focus.


The paint below was that which was chipping off of the walls in the house. It looks scale-y like some sort of snake or alligator. I don’t know why, but although it looks interesting, it looks somewhat gross to me.


This is an image of the door with its pealing paint. This one is also a little unsettling to me with the way the paint is chipping, even though the texture is interesting and adds a lot to the photo.


The photo below isn’t too visually appealing, but it’s just showing you what the house looked like in the doorway. Everything was faded, dirty, and broken down. I’m pretty sure the floor in the furthest room was just the foundation, because it was quite the step down and nearly straight up dirt. The windows of the house were boarded up so there wasn’t much light in the house to see around with.img_6290

There was mostly just scraps, dirt, and lots of broken glass on the ground, but I was able to find one bottle that was not shattered. I consider that an achievement for the bottle so I thought there was no better way of saying congratulations than taking a photo of it. The contrast of colors in this image was appealing to me.


The photo below isn’t super pretty or anything, but I like how the light is coming through the crack between the board and the window.


I love how the image below ended up looking, but in all truth, I might not have taken it. It was on my camera, sure, but I let a member use mine for a couple of shots. Either way, this image turned out really pretty and I like how the light peaks into the image and how one can see the paint on the walls with its interesting patterns.


The dying flower images below are from outside one of the deserted houses. It’s weird how they look like they are in full bloom, but the colors say otherwise.



Awkward story, the house below clearly was falling apart a great deal, but when I walked past it, I noticed a cute little chair on the front porch, decorations, the entire kitten caboodle. This was one of the old houses that wasn’t deserted, but rather, still a residence. Lovely right? I definitely took pictures of someone’s home. That’s not weird or anything. I guess this’ll be one of those “oh well” moments.


Random thought, but I definitely get more progressively boring as I type more and more in these posts. Bear with me or skip the words; either is fine to me.

I usually fall behind when taking photography, because I like to pay attention a bit extra so I do not miss any good shots. The image below is a prime example of me lagging behind everyone.


The images below are of a fence with some plants around it. The plants must have been some weird bush. I will admit that there were several weird plants when I went on this trip. It might have been part of the whole ‘everything’s old’ thing, but then again I don’t know all of local plant species either.



The photo below is pretty blurry, but the plants growing everywhere looked pretty cool.


The images below were not taken at the Deserted Village, but at the lake. I don’t have much to say; I like them though.



Just some bokeh effect in the images below. This one was also taken at the lake in Watchung Reservation. There isn’t much to say about it. If you have not noticed, I love depth of field.



The images below look pretty cool. It’s nice how the outlines of the branches are brightened by light from the sun.



The water in the images below looks more like thin gasoline than any type of water, because of its color.


The image below is really simple, but the reflection looks pretty cool.


Similar to a photo I took a couple weeks ago at Branch Brook Park, this one is also crooked and covered with a bunch of leaves in the water.


I was drawn to shoot this one, because the only prominent colors in the frame were those bright ones that stood apart in the leaves.


The image below has a nice composition, but otherwise, I’m not sure I like it very much.


Again, with the fascination of dying or dead plants.


Just some tiny little leaves, with lots of out of focus.


Even more little leaves/plants. Who would have guessed?


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