Home for the Holidays

Hello viewer! I’m hoommmmeeeee!! Home sweet Connecticut.

I took some quick shots (some as in not many) before I got home so this might be my quickest blog post yet!

The image below, I took right before I left. It’s a creeper shot of a house through my window. Enough said.


Below are some pictures I took of ornaments on my noticeably-fake Christmas tree. Enjoy!

The specific image below was definitely my favorite shot of the few I took. The reflection is my favorite.


This is my second favorite. The soft glow on this ornament is so pretty to me.


Another with soft glow, but still not as beautiful in my opinion.


…same with this one. This ornament has a slight silhouette thing going. The saturation in this image is almost all the way up and I still feel like it made minimal difference.


This is just a picture of the lights. Oo la la!


Just a quick post. My best friend Colleen visit me this morning and woke me up from my rest on the couch I didn’t mean to fall asleep on in the first place. She made me pancakes. I’m spoiled.

More posts to come! You can trust I’ll be taking endless pictures when home.

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