Asbury Park, NJ

It’s super late, which means it’s time to post. I may not have slept since Saturday night. This means I’m prioritizing this blog post over sleep. I must really like photography or something.

On Friday, Photography Club went on a trip to Asbury Park. It was an eventful trip, although a chilly one. Going to the beach during winter might have been my idea, but no one objected either. The wind and cold was rough, but it was pretty empty and therefore super great for photography.

The trip was fun outside of taking photos too though. We managed to squeeze 6 people in a 5 person car for an hour ride each way, which was much more of an achievement than it sounds. I found out I love vegan pizza. We found the cutest little shopping area with the best things: an antique shop (Antique cameras and videocameras from the 40s were there. It was beautiful.) and video game store that primarily sold Nintendo 64 games and things from my childhood. The entirety of this trip was focussed on exploring the area. We mostly just walked around the area by the Stone Pony and shot pics. We walked into random cute stores on the boardwalk. They had lots of plants and hanging terrariums and I wanted them all, I will admit. In the meantime, I need a new pot for my plant in my room, because it is getting so big that it’s dying (*sobbing*).

Anyways, time to get to the photos.

This was one of the first shots I took on the trip. I liked the repetition, which is what drew me to capture it in the first place.


I don’t know what this was made to be, but inside, it turns out it was a skate park. Maybe it was a merry-go-round once or something. It’s to detailed and interesting to be just that. If you cannot tell, this building is huge.


There were some really lovely wall murals that I saw. I managed to take pictures of these ones through the holes of a sense. I love the mural below, especially, but they were all so beautiful and unique.


The mural below is also pretty incredible. I like the style of it in particular. I feel like it could look really incredible in all colors. The fence was in the way when taking this one, but luckily I had a tall hill helping me get some leverage.


I love constellations so I love how this mural below utilized them, especially in contrast with the bright and colorful foreground.


Going back to that interesting building, this is a prime example of why I know it wasn’t originally a skate park. I call this guy “Lorg, the protector” (Just kidding, that’s me trying to be funny. I just thought of that on the spot).


I thought the material of the building was really interesting. The green color was fascinating within itself, but the rusty look really added to it by giving texture. This image is looking up at the top of the building.


I really liked the look of the buildings on the other side. The architectures were interesting with the pointy roofs, balconies, and lots of windows. I also liked all the fun colors them: pink, green, yellow, and blue. I love the way this water captures a subtle reflection.img_7059


I love this image, because to me it has a sense of balance with the 4 houses all painted different colors.


Here’s a mighty seagull head with lots of other seagull heads in the background.


This seagull looked really content for some reason. He just was not a fan of the camera.


Below was another wall mural. This one was definitely really cool, combining graffiti with modern art.


Below was an abandoned, clearly taken apart, casino. This way, I could tell people I went to the casino to prove that I’m cool, without actually going.


If you look closely, you might be able to read “Casino” in teal.


Here’s some photos of the inside of the casino I took through a hole in the wall. I would’ve made efforts to see more, but there was definitely someone inside doing construction. The last thing I wanted to do was startle him and then get “accidentally” hit with a chainsaw somehow.


The wall mural below was definitely the longest I’ve seen at Asbury Park. This painter is clearly extremely talented, but also had an interesting vision for the pieces on the wall.


You can see more clearly here, but it looks like the woman is a combination between ursula (because of the octopus legs)  and a flapper (because of the huge feathery head.


There was a huge puddle in this overpass. It was deep so I avoided stepping in it, but it worked really well with the surrounding environment when it came to creating a more interesting composition.


In these photos, it is easier to see the jelly fish and its reflection.


These have super interesting composition and not just because Dom is in the back. I really liked the geometric type of reflection from the top of the building in the water.


Yeah, this creature was also a half naked woman.


Here’s a closeup more of the jelly-fish.


I captured this shot in a fence hole too. It didn’t turn out half bad, especially considering I had taken several shots in attempt to avoid the fence getting caught in the shot.


Hey, look. It’s a wild Dom playing guitar.


Here’s a thing I saw by the ocean and I thought the colors were interesting and that this might be a fun picture. The way the waves are coming in also appear perfect to me. You may be wondering, but I barely avoided getting hit by the waves (easily high tide).


This is where I am pausing and postponing until morning, because I am falling asleep on my laptop. It’s a sign.

Good morning! Here’s a picture of rocks. It isn’t particularly anything special, but it isn’t too bad either sooooo yup.


With the beach being empty, it was easing and almost surreal. These photos a bit blurry, but maybe for a second, you’ll feel what I felt when I was there, outside of being cold.


I love how the colors in the one below ended up in the pastel spectrum.


This is one of my favorite shots from the trip. The fact that both a silhouette and reflection are captured here, make me very happy. Plus, this broken down Casino fascinates me.


I saw a doggie running on the beach (with an owner), which means I had to take a picture. I like this shot, because it looks like he is a mini dog running on the railing.


This is it for the photos taken on Friday. I hope you enjoyed browsing them.

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