Little Wanderer

Hello! Before I start talking about these photos, take note of the title of this post. I am very excited to have an excuse to use “Little Wanderer” as a title. If you did not already know, “Little Wanderer” is a song by my favorite band, Death Cab for Cutie. Now there’s that I can talk about what you clicked on this post for, photos!

These photos are from the other week when I took a trip with photo club wandering around the Watchung, NJ area. First off, let me tell you, I am so proud of what Photography Club (basically my baby) has become. This trip was informal, but so many students wanted to come that on the way back we had to take Ubers. “We started from the bottom. Now we’re at the top.” Anyways, before I start to get sappy, I should probably move on.

We traveled to a small variety of places in this area. We started at Washington Rock State Park, which is where the photos below were taken.


It was cool to have some sort of view of New York City from this spot. It made me feel pretty tall to look on it like this.


I also felt tall looking onto these homes. They look like little doll houses or the little houses in Monopoly.


I like this picture, because the bare branches remind me of bones. It’s nice how much more naturally warm they are than the background.


Here are a selection of portraits I thought turned out nicely. Shout out to all of my wonderful friends, who accepted the fact I used them as subjects in my photography.


The photo below I took of Mark might be my favorite from this trip!


Greg, “eh” to you too. (Only he or photo club members will understand that, so ignore this otherwise).


Mark and Danny are so candid.


This photo of Dom turned out pretty great in my opinion, but I will say I was genuinely nervous that his hands would slip, leading to his doom. I begged him to stop swinging after I took the photo. Dom’s okay, don’t worry.


After the park, we stopped at a lake and took some shots. I honestly will say I felt happier with the photo solutions from Washington Rock State Park, but the rest did not turn out so bad!


Here’s a selection of mostly dead plants, but nevertheless, I still think they look beautiful.


The photos below are from the Deserted Village at the Watchung Reservation.

I love the one below mostly because I find comfort in simple photos. I also love taking pictures of leaves. I don’t know why; it’s just a thing.


I saw some really cool tree carvings. There were some questionable ones on other trees next to this one that I thought would be best not to include in this post, but if you’re truly curious, I challenge you to find this tree! Good luck!


Say “hi” to Caitlyn’s feet.


Now, say “eh” to Greg’s feet.


I’ve taken photos of this house before, but that’s way back in posts. I’m saving you the difficulty, by tagging it here if you’d like to check it out: Deserted Village, Watchung Reservation.


Ibu did not know I took these, but I could not help it. The lighting was beautiful and it lit her up perfectly.


I hope you liked these photos! Feel welcome to comment your thoughts below or any type of photos you’d like to see me post more of.

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