Walk in the Dark

These photos were taken a couple weeks ago. Wow. Time does fly, huh? I have a couple photo posts to make and I’ll be all caught up!

I took these photos with a walk into town I took with Photography Club. These were all during nighttime so I had some fun experimenting with lighting and some open exposure. I hope you enjoy!

This photo below is of an older Carvel in South Orange. I love the way the lighting makes the image seem somewhat vintage, but the car in the lower left sort of ruins that whole vibe. Next time.


The shot below is among several that I made black and white. During nighttime, many lights have yellow tints and I’m not a huge fan of the way that ends up looking in photography. The image below, in my opinion, is much better using greyscale. It is of a street corner that perhaps many of you have seen before.


Below is a shot I took of a side street with some little businesses. I like how this image appeared in color with all of the multi-color lights reflecting onto the street.


In the images below is a photo club member who chose to pose for me and did a pretty good job at it. I love the way the brick wall appeared as a background with the plants growing up its side.


Funny story.. This man was sleeping in Starbucks, but I definitely saw him yesterday in the area awake. Little does he know I took this humorous shot of him.


Greg was making a face, I don’t know how to define it, but I like how candid it is. He might have been laughing at a funny joke I said. Just kidding. It’s more likely that he was laughing at how I failed with making a joke. The complimentary colors also make me appreciate this photo more.


I took the photos below under the train tracks.


I did a relatively short open exposure with the photos below, but you might be able to see a little with how blurry the walking feet are.

IMG_8578 copyIMG_8579

Below are some more open exposures. I do enjoy those and they were pretty fun with it being so dark out.

IMG_8596 copyIMG_8601

These are on top of the train station. Despite being nighttime, there were several people boarding on and off the trains that would pass.


Here are some more open exposure shots that I thought may be fun to share.


There was a sewing shop with lots of thread and I enjoyed how the colors were lined up here.


Until next time!

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