Colors and Images

These photos are out of order, but still majestic. I took these at a photo club meeting, themed “color”. We made fun with projecting images and colorful patterns.

Purple is awesome and Ryan was actually on the phone.


This was taken as a joke, because Zedric was taking a picture of me, but it turned out looking pretty cool with the light.


Cait is a natural. I loved the pattern being projected so much. The flower is fake and she is holding my bullet journal in case you were curious.


I loved doing the galaxy projection. It made some pretty cool effects.


Greg is so sarcastic, even with his posing, it’s hilarious.


The simple white was so complimenting and I enjoyed shooting with it more than I expected.


Cait didn’t realize I took this photo of her and I have a little of someone’s shoulder there, but I still love this photo. Sometimes the best photos aren’t the ones posed for or the ones prepared for.


I am obsessed with the blue here.


We transitioned from projecting color and patterns to some images members took in Hoboken. So photos of photos? These turned out to be super fun. I definitely want to do this again.


As you can tell, we have a lot of fun. This was too funny and spontaneous.


I hope you enjoy these shots! I’m nearly obsessed with all of them so I hope you enjoy them as well!

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