Dog Parkin’

Tonight I’ll probably make lots of posts with some old photos. This semester of school has me so busy and nuts with other things that I’m so behind on going through my photography.

Nevertheless, I do have some fun shots to share, including ones of the dogs below! Too cute, right? I know. I took these at the dog park at South Mountain. It was great that the owners of these puppers were so kind about my friends and I taking pictures of them.

Browse below and enjoy!

IMG_8812IMG_8808IMG_8788IMG_8786 copyIMG_8784IMG_8781-RecoveredIMG_8778IMG_8746 copyIMG_8733IMG_8721IMG_8718 copyIMG_8716-RecoveredIMG_8699-RecoveredIMG_8689IMG_8685IMG_8680

One thought on “Dog Parkin’

  1. Who doesn’t like seeing pictures of pooches’? You get an instant smile when looking at these dogs. Such poise and attitude for sure. Truly they are ‘Mans Best Friend’! Thanks for sharing:)

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