Stingray City

Hello. It’s been a while. Posting has been spiratic and truthfully, life’s been a bit nuts (the good kind, but still busy nevertheless).

The most recent update of mine is that I went to Grand Cayman this past week and it was pretty great. It’s funny, but I was in Grand Cayman last year at the same time! That’s surely a great way to celebrate a year anniversary! I went with my lovely boyfriend, Dan and his thoughtful parents.

Before I talk about my experience, expect many more photos from my trip in upcoming posts! I was most excited about these shots so I sorted through them first, but they were not taken first during the trip and future posts may not consist of photos taken in chronological order.

This may have been my second time to Stingray City in particular, but it was by far my favorite. In addition to the positive company, the stingrays were so friendly! Last year, they were much more distant, but this year, they were super active and loving the attention.

This was also my first attempt at underwater photography, so needless to say I was very excited and still am! I definitely see lots of underwater photography in my future.

I did have to edit these a bit. If you have not shot underwater before, you may not know, so I’ll tell you. This was new to me as of last week. The water affects the photos by adding a sort of blue/green filter, which makes it difficult on occasion to see the colors and detailing in the subject(s).

Below you see a Stingray, cool huh? Just for some fun info about stingrays, the larger (and truthfully more friendly) ones are female, while the tiny ones are male. The females usually have about 12 babies at a time and come out like little ringlets. The one below is a female. I was definitely lucky to get this one as one of my first shots!


The ones below are also females. The stingray above reappears below as the dime in the top left and the miss on the bottom right reappears in many of the photos. She was definitely the most friendly out of all of them and in my opinion, the most photogenic. I was able to tell her apart by her unique coloring. She had much more grey to her than the others, which definitely set her apart.


The image below is of a little wanderer, a trunkfish, who was swimming by the boat, looking at us feeding and interacting with the stingrays. This fella seemed to be posing for the camera.


The photo below is my favorite of the underwater photos I took during this trip. I am proud of it. I hope you enjoy it too!


This one was taken too early, but it isn’t so bad. It sort of works since the stingray is moving into the frame. In this shot, I like how I can see the eyes more.`


Here’s another shot of the trunk fish.


Below is another one of my faves of the underwater photos. The proportions are nice and the bubbles create an interesting effect.


Our general consensus on the trip was that the light effect below is called the ‘Spongebob effect.’


In the photo below, you can see a trumpetfish blending in with the water (another celeb sighting in the city of stingrays).


These are it for the photos from Stingray City, but I hope you enjoyed them! Expect more Grand Cayman shots soon!

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