Governor’s Island, NY

Hello! It hasn’t been long since you last saw a post, but here’s another. I took these photos on Saturday, July 8th (last Saturday), which means I’m almost nearly on track with my posting, which is pretty cool.

I took these photos in the grand New York City and it was quite the adventure. I met up with Sarah and we roamed about. We found ourselves randomly taking a ferry to Governor’s Island despite desperately searching for a certain subway spot. Sometimes adventures take interesting turns and I’m not complaining at all! It was a blast! I will say that most of the photos were taken on Governor’s Island (all but the last photo) so as a result, embrace yourself for lots of cityscape, shots of people, and yes, plants.

First is the shot below, a little cityscape. This was one of the first photos I took when we arrived on the island. The ferry was a bit too crowded and rocky for me to feel comfortable taking out my camera, but that’s okay. Since I didn’t take any photos there, neither of us will know what we are missing.


The second shot I took was this panorama shot. I have been taking a lot of these lately, because I love them. It’s not such a bad addiction though.


There were lots of walkways on the island and this was a some form of rock stairway that took us to the peak of the island. Everything was relatively visible from the entirety of the island, but the peak definitely added an “on top of the world” feeling to it which was empowering, while also windy.


Here’s some shots from the top of the peak.


I took a picture without Sarah and she doesn’t know I did (I think?). I thought it might be nice with the Statue of Liberty right there.


This is how it looks when looking onto the peak. There are people of all kinds handing out everywhere, sitting, taking pictures, and more! My favorite person is the sassy man with the hand on his hip. Do you see him?


The first plant-related image on this post is below and I appreciate how it intertwines with the little fence.


Here’s a stereotypical shot of a plant with the city blurred in the background. Sorta basic, but I like it.


Here’s some flower shots I took.


The flower here looks so textured and I love it.


The trees made some really fun-patterned shadows onto the buildings. You’ll see more building pictures and understand why I thought it was so beautiful.


This is what I call taking pictures of other people’s lives when you don’t have one.. just kidding. I have some sort of functional life, but can’t help but find others’ lives so beautiful. Expect more people pictures.

The image below I find really adorable. The father is helping his daughter with the bubbles.


This little girl reminds me of myself. She’s sitting on a bike-type thing for multiple people.


Of course I had to take a picture of the ice cream sign.


I’m including this because the kid’s face speaks 1000 words.. what first comes to mind to me is “but I asked for a large”.


I like the colors in this plant photo which is why I took it. The pink and the white-ish has such a pretty contrast.


I love these two pictures and how the water looks. The movement.


I think this one is super adorable too.


I don’t have much to say about these photos. It’s just people doing their own thing.




I took some pictures of Sarah and I liked how they turned out so enjoy them. She’s pretty photogenic.


It’s dirty, but I really like the composition.


More building architecture.


I have an extra love for reflections so this one looked perfect to me.


Another child. They were everywhere.


In case you were expecting it, here’s some American flag pictures (just for you, Dan). The second photo seems like a google image to me, but its not.IMG_6213IMG_6215

Lastly, here’s a shot in the city and not Governor’s Island. The little “bridge” was fun-looking so why not take a picture?


It’s super late and this Saturday (today technically) I am going back to the city again so stay tuned for more!

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