29 Rooms of Wow

Hello friends!
On Friday, September 8th some friends and I went to the one and only 29 Rooms!

Here’s some background in case you do not know what 29 Rooms is. Basically, it is a massive fun house with 29 rooms, all of which are art exhibits of the sorts. Some are sponsored by businesses, celebrities, or well-known artists. It was pretty incredible.

Tickets sold out super fast so if you didn’t have a chance to go, don’t fret! You can live it through some of my photos!

Unfortunately, me being the silly person I am, I forgot my camera battery. Still face-palming to that. On the very bright side, Sarah came clutch and was literally the kindest ever to share her camera battery with me.

The process it took to get inside was very smooth luckily. I heard last year was a little messy and that people waited outside for hours. I was impressed that we got in only a couple minutes past our time slot (3:02).

Nevertheless, there were A LOT of people. We made it to MAYBE half the rooms. There were lines to all rooms so we did make the most of our time. We were a little bummed, but it was still a blast!

The first room we went to was the Dreamer’s Den, room number 29. We ran to the back, because we figured the rooms would be less crowded there. This one was much different than others since it was a performance. In other rooms, everyone did their own thing, but this was especially unique.

The setting was a speakeasy style. Everything looked really 30s. The walls were all black and decorated with white lights, making it look like stars.

Kat Cunning asked everyone to write down wacky dreams and she randomly picked ones. With each dream, she created and sang a song on the spot with the guitarist about the dream, while maintaining the 30s style. It was incredible, cozy, and so beautiful.

The room below is #28 Seen & Unseen. Here’s some pictures of the gems I went with.

The walls were painted like people. This might have been the most colorful room. The floor was mirrored, but unfortunately it was a little clowdy so the effect was not as cool as it could have been.

The lights were super cool and they reflected so beautiful. I took this photo of Amber as we were waiting in line for room #23 Ocean of Creativity.

Here’s room #23 Ocean of Creativity. The entire room was created using recycled items, like bottles, bottlecaps, and newspapers.

Below is Sarah sailing the 7 seas of waste.

The waves were especially interesting. They were shaped really well and interesting to look at.

The flying birds were cool, but I thought the floating feathers were especially well-done.

I saw a picture the other day with colored lights reflected in glasses and I’ve been loving that ever since so it was a great opportunity to take shots of Amber and her glasses with these fun lights.

The lights here were amazing. They would twinkle and change colors. They lit up everyone in such beautiful ways. 

It was especially awesome because if you stood in a particular place, the colored lights would follow and change according to your movements.

Below are some of the lovely ladies in these lights.

I love these of Tanner especially, because she is silhouetted and her hands are emphasized. The light also highlights her hair in a complimenting way.

These photos are fun since they light up half of Sarah’s face.

The room below was the Planned Parenthood one and it was so well done. It might have been one of the coolest to take pictures with because of the neon lights. I like the saying in these photos “care no matter what”.

This particular opening was super cool, because it made the neon look like strings in a tangled mess. Sarah posed perfectly for this little spot.

Below is one of my favorites if not my favorite of the trip. I love how the blur in the glass looks with the blue light behind it. I love the way the light reflects on Amber. It’s all great.

Below was a piece that wasn’t necessarily a room, but absolutely incredible. It spun around and the faces went with it as it spun. It was made of a material similar to a nylon mesh of the sorts. Truly I have no idea how one could ever begin to creating a masterpiece like this. Wow. Just wow.

One of the exhibits was basically just a little fountain with anti-aging stuff. I did not need it, but it smelt good. The water droplets that formed at the side of the sink were also pretty cute.

In this same room, there were lights projecting orange bubbles on the walls. It went well with Sarah’s mustard yellow shorts.

We did not have time to look too much at this lantern room, but basically people could paint things on the lanterns. I saw what this person did and it reminded me of all my sisters in AST. Shoutout to you all!

This was a super cool room known as “Erotica in Bloom”. I know what you’re thinking… “THOSE FLOWERS ARE HUGE”. Yeaaaahhhh, they’re fake. BUT they did smell like flowers. A brand was promoting their perfumes from the line inside each flower and vines of flowers encased the room.

I told them to look mysterious in the flowers.

The room below was fan-cy. Get it? I am trying to be punny, even though those are pinwheels. There were hair dryers in the room for us to spin them ourselves also. I liked how you can see how fast some are moving in comparison to others based off how they were captured.

This room was called “The Future is Female”. It had boxing gloves and punching bags. Very empowering and fun. Sarah unintentionally matched most rooms and that was pretty awesome. Random, but whenever I think of this room, I think of the song “Punchin’ Bag” by Cage the Elephant.

This room was “Love Walk”. It was basically a cat walk of heels. I would have prefered a cat walk of cats, but it was still fun.

The photos were difficulr to clarify/post process because of the darkness and red lights. Each I did a little differently so don’t get to annoyed by the inconsistency. It’s just a thing.

This room was related to the Women’s March and being a confident woman. Posters covered the walls and floor and in the middle of the room, there were postcards and a bucket on a table where people could write notes to send to government officials.

It ground our gears, but the exhibits closed much earlier than they should have. They started closing around 5:30-5:45, when the event closed at 6. Some of the rooms could have taken more people in before closing and it would have made the event much better. Anyways, this was our last official room spot.

In an upcoming blog post, I will post photography that my friends took of me as well as photos we took together in the rooms.. stay tuned!

We reserved dinner at a Vegan place for dinner and it was amazing. I took some photos on the way so here they are!

I loved this wall piece. It made a pretty obvious statement about street art, but overall, it was a beautiful piece.

The animals below are a fox, racoon, and squirrel. This art was very different compared to most wall art, which made me really appreciate it.

This wall art looked like mixed media painting. Absolutely beautiful!

I loved the name of this place and the style of the sign and building.

So much wall art everywhere. Gotta love Brooklyn.

This is the place we went to for dinner. The building was super cute and the food was phenomenal. I got some food with jerk spices and they put edible flower petals in it. So adorable. Plus the potato wedge apetizer with gravy was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.

Oh yeah, and the logo was also pretty darn cute.

Thanks for following this little trip! I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for more.

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