Off to a Great Start

Hello friends! In the midst of all the craziness, I have not been able to spend as much time as I would with my photography, but I guess that is not too new. I am writing from North Carolina (do expect photos at the end of my trip) and found some time to relax a little.

In this post, I am including a combination of photographs from some of the first Photography Club meetings from this year. We use some of the same techniques that you might be familiar with from some of my earlier blog posts.

We used projections again and they always look so different every time we use them.



I caught Fabb when he was not expecting it.


This water-drop projection was super fun. The depth of the image added some dimension to the shots, even though unreal.


This checkered backing complimented Sarah so well. Her white shirt nearly blends into the background, which allows her face to pop a little extra.


The glasses also pop here.


I caught Tanner in the middle of movement and it worked.


The photos below are some shots I took in the next meeting. Obsessed with these lights and glasses reflections.


I love the bulb functuon so much. Open shutter has so much spontaneous fun about it.


Holding light in hand.


These photos just keep getting more indie as you can see.


Obsessed with these photos of Sarah.


Shoutout to all of my lovely friends who may as well be models.

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