Turning 21 was “lit”

Hello! The photos here were taken last weekend when I went out in the city for my 21st birthday.

Before I proceed in my post, I’d like to say thank you to all of those who wished me a happy birthday! It was very happy indeed.

Unfortunately I was not able to take as many pictures as I might have wished, but I did have the most time to take pictures of the fun lights in the piano bar (“Bar Nine”). Also, take note in the carefully crafted title of this post. “Lit” has a double meaning in this post, because the time in the city with family and friends was a blast, but in this post you will see lots of pictures of lights and lightbulbs.

From a distance, this statue looks like a frog, but it is actually a person wearing an interesting outfit. The reflection in the background was the reasoning that inspired me to take this photo.


I found myself walking in Urban Outfitters and took this shot through the window. I thought this quote was inspiring.


The photo below may be my favorite of the trip. I was waiting for my family at Grand Central Station and captured this silhouette of a man walking in this hallway. It looks so old-fashioned and classy in my opinion.


Here starts the lights that I mentioned above. I did an open shutter with this bulb and it looks so fun with the unclear and warped edges.


Here is the same lightbulb with a regular shutter.


At the piano bar this man sung me a very uncomfortable birthday song, but the other singer knew where it was at when he sang a piece of “Tell Laura I Love Her” (a song from the 1960). Either way, this pianist was extremely talented and fun. You can even tell in this photo how fast his fingers are moving.


Here’s a lightbulb that was on the wall as a table light.


The two photos below are the same lights just with one in and one out of focus. I love the warmth of the string lights in the second photo.


This was a quick post, but I hope you enjoy the shots I took! Stay tuned for another post soon!

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