Fall Break in North Carolina

For my Fall Break, I took a family road trip down to North Carolina to visit my brother as he has transitioned to living in Charlotte. During this long weekend, I managed to take some pictures of various places. I’ll separate each little part by day to help break things up.

Day 1:

This day was mainly a recovery day from the travel the day before. These pictures were taken at Jetton Park on Lake Norman.

The image below caught my interest since the man was perfectly between those trees. I tried to be discrete, but I think the man might have heard the shutter a couple shots in.


The lake was beautiful and relatively quiet especially considering how beautiful of a day it was. This was the only boat we saw, but the people on it seemed to be enjoying their time cruising the lake.


Here’s some shots of the lake. I appreciate how the sand contrasts with the water. While in October, one might expect more color in the trees, but they were all nearly fully green.


The trees below created a little beautiful pattern to them.


My Dad sat on a random bench with my sister. I told them to stay, but considering they were not sitting for very long, it made me wonder why they sat in the first place. Either way, it made for a nice picture.


I found the bark on this tree remarkable so I wanted to capture it. Look at how many layers each piece has. I am not sure if it is dry or simply just old. Absolutely incredible depth though.


I felt like this composition was simple and peaceful.


The little broken pieces in the water reminded me a little of “Hell” in Grand Cayman, but this definitely has a more warm-hearted vibe to it.


The berries in this tree looked like plump blueberries, but I know they were just meant to be tempting.


Similar to the first shot, this one was through some trees, but rather than focused on a person sitting, focused on an empty bench.


To end “day 1”, there were some cute squirrels out in the wild I thought to capture. They did not get startled very easily and were relatively patient when it came to me capturing photos of them.


Day 2:

We went to the restaurant where my brother was waiting tables for dinner and on the way out I saw this interesting sign.


Day 3:

We were walking around the city for a while, taking it all in. Considering how much more familiar I am with New York City, the city of Charlotte was so different.


In my opinion, all the older men in this photo make this photo what it is.


The photo below did not come out super clear, but I found the elderly people holding hands sweet.


The buildings in Charlotte were so interesting in terms of architecture. The windows on this particular building illuminated light. The rest of the photo is pretty desaturated, which really makes these windows stand out.


I have a minor, but existent obsession with reflections and I love how this reflection of another building finishes the building reflection of the front building.


There was this sculpture of a little boy playing in a fountain so I thought it would be fun to capture his still-excitement.


We walked to a park that honored writers. It had golden pages of books curling over seats and benches and street signs with authors’ names.

This building below was in this park. I have no idea what it is, but it I absolutely love how the plants are growing on all sides.


When we were exiting the park, there was this sculpture of books shooting up into the sky. I could not include all these books in the shot, because they went up so high.


The reason I took this photo is because it looks so deserted and empty, even though a part of the city.


We decided it would be a fun day to go bowling so we did. There were some arcade games and I still had my camera out so I took a shot.


Day 4:

This day we thought it would be a blast to take a drive to the zoo…with only a drive through option… with a brand new car. This was hilarious, yet terrifying because the window was open and we were looking out, but next thing you know, a llama is in your face.

There were lots of tiny little piggies everywhere and they were so precious.


This one was itching himself on the bark.


The ostriches and emus were extremely meme-y. Their facial expressions were priceless and funny, yet adorable. (If you do not already know, ostriches are my favorite animal).


This was a  precious little piggie. It sorta looks like he is squatting to pee, but lets pretend that didn’t happen.



A couple seconds later, the pig laying down got up. She was not about her privacy being intruded on.


This little pig was right next to the car. It was so precious and small that it should have come home with me without actually coming home with me.


I cannot recall if I’ve ever seen Zebras so close up. They were pretty relaxed. I never realized how similar to regular horses they were.


Some of the animals had insanely large horns. Imagine how strong their necks must be to hold all that weight. Walking between trees seems rough too. My dad got super anxious when they walked close to the car.


Precious large birds.


This cow was drooling A LOT.


The cow below looked beyond cozy resting in the water. I cannot say I’ve ever seen one swim before.


I hope you enjoy these photos from my trip last month! I hope to quickly update you on the past month throughout the week so stay tuned for more excitement!

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