Here Comes The Sun

Wow–over a year since my last update. I would apologize about the hiatus, but this blog has always been more for me than others so I’m giving myself a pat on the back for taking the time to focus and be proud about my photography.

As of lately, I haven’t necessarily had many personal photography ventures. I’ve shot weekly, often 3+ times a week, for work and while I LOVE IT, I feel like I’ve been lacking on the photography adventuring that got me into it and has made me fall in love with shooting over the years. Taking the time to write these blog posts has always been therapeutic and while I cannot promise I will begin posting regularly once again, I can say that I hope I do.

So here I am, over a year later, far different, far better.

In this post, I will only share a little, but I must begin somewhere.

For those of you who do not know, I live on Oahu in Hawaii. These past couple weeks have been rather rainy, but all of sudden the Sun has come. Usually in the Summer, plants look dry and yellow on island, because this is our dry season. This past week has been stunning and green.. a Summer miracle perhaps?

On Friday, June 12th, I took myself on a mini adventure with a new friend to a sunflower field. I’ve never been to one so it definitely brightened my day (pretend to hear my giggling- I’m not a dad, but my dad jokes are prime).



A couple weeks ago, I found myself impulse buying a lens attachment – a kaleidoscope. I saw it and immediately thought how diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It looks like a massive diamond coming out of my camera. Gorgeous.

I didn’t want to waste my first shots on my dog– not that I don’t love him, but I wanted to save it for something with some additional wow-factor.

Check these beauties out. So much yellow!



Wowza, I know.



Hello, Barry. (If you get this reference, I love you.)


Adventure buddy.


Short post with a lot of yellow! Happy to be sharing this with you!



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