Hello Random Viewer!

Or are you random? What are you here for? I’m here to share with you my photography, my thoughts about my work, how I felt at the time of taking the image, and how I feel in general. Formalities? No! I am writing casually for the purposes of sounding as human as I can over the internet, rather than like a formal, strategic, boring, plain robot. Did I mention that I breathe air?

Let me tell you a story..

When you give a girl a camera, she will want to know how it works. When you show her how it works, she will want to take a photo. When she takes a photo, she will ask you to be in it. Then she will want you to give a pose or two…

Use your imagination. The story probably will never end.

My name is Laura Colantonio and ever since early high school, I have been pursuing photography as one of my main hobbies. Capturing the world through my lens, not only has acted as a source of enjoyment for me, but also relaxation. One can never relax enough, thus why I take photos whenever I can. It’s a pretty healthy alternative to sleeping all the time.

I am currently a Senior at Seton Hall University, majoring in both Marketing and Interactive Design/Multimedia. I am minoring in both Web Design and Animation. I am widely involved on campus through various clubs and organizations. Among those things, I am the proud President of Photography Club.

Below is a video of myself, where I introduce myself and explain what sparked my love for photography. (The video is not updated, but feel welcome to watch)


My blog not only shows you the latest of what I’ve been shooting, but also the mess of my thoughts in the moment or of when I am taking my photography. I hope you enjoy!